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Reviews are a hallmark of a well-run project. Project reviews allow the customer, sponsor, and stakeholders to assess progress and share concerns. Deliverables reviews ensure the requirements are met, risks and work are understood, and deliverables themselves are correct. These templates and guidelines will help you develop good review practices, run productive review meetings, and document agreement. Also check out our extensive collection of 天天365彩票软件官方下载.

  • Guideline for a Simple Signoff Process
    The simple process outlined in this document confirms sponsor signoff on project phases or component projects in a program, by using efficient, focused meetings and folding into the existing lines of communication.
  • Agenda for Preliminary Design Review Meeting
    This template provides a detailed agenda with typical timeslots for a Preliminary Design Review (PDR) meeting on a project.
  • Coding Review Guidelines
    Example of Code Review Guidelines, providing a look at the whole landscape of a good code review process, along with detailed checklists and forms for capturing what's found in the reviews.
  • Review Checklists: Preliminary Design Review
    Checklist for Preliminary Design Reviews (PDR), to allow the Project Leader and team to suggest alternatives in product performance, time-to-market, product and project cost, and risks.
  • Review Checklists: Critical Design Review
    A checklist to guide a Critical Design Review, held when a prototype exists that everyone can huddle around and constructively criticize.
  • Review Checklists: Detailed Design Review
    A checklist for conducting a Detailed Design Review after a preliminary specification has been written, and sufficient detailed design work and/or simulation has occurred.
  • Review Checklists: Final Design Review
    A checklist for the Final Design Review, the last milestone in the design process before release to pilot manufacturing.
  • Review Meeting Planning Worksheet
    A format to use to plan an upcoming review meeting, to be sure it will accomplish what you need it to.
  • Project Plan Signoff Checklist
    This checklist helps the project manager and other stakeholders ensure the plan and high-level design are truly complete before officially signing off on the design and planning phase of a project.

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