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Once the team has agreed to a project plan and schedule, you need to monitor for discrepancies and issues, and take corrective action as needed to keep the team and project on track for success. The templates, guidelines, and checklists on this page will help you fulfill this critical responsibility without drowning your team in scheduling diagrams and micro-management. Our 天天365彩票软件官方下载 page has a list of resources throughout the site, including mini-courses, papers, case studies, and more. Plus, check out our template lists for Scheduling and Estimating templates and Conflict and Issue Management.

  • Project Handoff Checklist
    If you are transferring all or part of an existing project to a new team, or taking over from an existing project team, use these tips to ensure the transfer goes smoothly.
  • Software Release Life Cycle Phase 5: Development Tracking
    Suggested deliverables (with 1-2 page descriptions of each) for the Development Tracking phase of a software release.
  • Action Item List Formats
    Example formats for keeping track of action items that need to be accomplished during a project.
  • Milestone Table with Driver Tasks
    Formats for a milestone table including the completion dates and the status of major driving tasks for each milestone. The second format also includes a column indicating the completion criteria and success factors for the milestone.
  • Phase Signoff Process
    This guideline shows a team's process for getting meaningful executive signoffs at the end of key project phases, to approve transition to the next phase and expenditures.
  • Project Progress Checklists for Sponsors and Managers
    Checklists to help Project Managers and Executive Sponsors monitor progress throughout the course of a project. One section walks sponsors through critical project evaluation issues. The other is designed for use by the sponsor and PM during detailed reviews.
  • End of Delivery Phase Checklist
    A checklist of activities and deliverables that should be completed by the end of the Delivery Phase.
  • End of Execution Phase Checklist
    A checklist of activities and deliverables that should be completed by the end of the Execution Phase.
  • Small Project Tracking File
    An example of how to track a small, short, straightforward project without going overboard on detail.
  • Tracking with Visible Deliverables
    This template provides formats and example project data illustrating effective ways to track project progress --- by explicitly tracking drafts, reviews, and completion of multiple very small deliverables.
  • Planning and Managing Multiple Small Projects
    A compendium of techniques for managing a group of small related projects.
  • Software Quality Release Criteria
    A short document that captures the criteria with which the software's quality will be judged at various stages of the project.

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