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Project teams have four main ways of handling risks: avoid them, accept them, mitigate their likelihood, or mitigate their impact. The templates and guidelines on this page will help you identify the risks to your project's success, develop a risk management process for your team, and determine how and when to respond to individual risks. Also see our comprehensive list of 天天365彩票软件官方下载, which includes mini-courses, articles, and more.

  • Special Event Safety Plan
    This document provides an outline and sample content for a special event safety and emergency plan. Typical events that might need a plan like this include parades, summer concerts, city festivals, and holiday observances. Employers could use a plan like this to improve safety at company picnics, job fairs, or similar events. It will not cover all contingencies, but it will get the conversation started.
  • IT Process and Staff Impact Assessment
    This document provides a concise way to assess and summarize how the operations and support processes used by various IT staff will be impacted by what a team is deploying via their project.
  • SWOT Analysis
    A template and tips for conducting a SWOT Analysis—a review of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats affecting the subject of the analysis. SWOT analysis is often used to evaluate strategic choices (project objectives, priorities, etc.) and can also be used to review potential impacts on things like a process, solution, or business entity.
  • Guideline for Deciding Whether to Outsource Work on a Project
    Make sure you know what you'll really get, what you'd be getting into, and whether it really makes sense to use outsourcing on this project.
  • Calculating Expected Monetary Value (EMV) of Risks
    It's one thing to make a list of risks, and another to be quite clear about just how badly a particular risk could impact the project in financial terms. This template helps teams assess the financial impact of a given risk and determine how much time and money to spend avoiding it.
  • Product and Project Risk Assessment and Mitigation Tables
    Risk Assessment tables used during the early project selection process for documenting product risks, as well as several more detailed risk assessment categories for projects moving into full-blown planning. This expanded version includes contributions from Global Brain Inc.'s Quality Rapid Product Development methodology. There are formats and guidelines for assessing the true risks in areas such as market competition, technical innovations, and the nuts-and-bolts, boring-but-potentially-painful things like resource shortages and vendor/partner delivery delays.
  • Medical Product Risk Management Process
    A model for risk management in medical device development based on ISO 14971:2007 requirements. Provides a great overview of what scrupulous risk management looks like in safety-critical environments
  • Project Risk/Opportunity Assessment Models
    This Excel workbook provides a quantitative approach to assessing multiple, very specific risk factors such as technical complexity and PR exposure and opportunity factors such as market leadership and employee retention, to help you get the visibility you need and make sound project decisions.
  • Risk Management Plan
    A high-level plan/outline for ensuring consistent implementation of risk management across an organization, or across a division or group within an organization.
  • Risk Management Process
    Guidance on the steps to be followed when implementing a risk management process -- a roadmap to get from risk-unaware to risk-aware and risk-ready.
  • Risk Strategy Selection Matrix
    Often there are multiple strategies a team can choose from to deal with project risks. This matrix helps the project manager, management, and the team get a clear look at the most pervasive risks, and identify which strategies have the best chance of resolving multiple risks at once.
  • Opportunity Screening Worksheet
    This is an Opportunity Screening worksheet used to help determine if an idea is worth enough to the company to commission a product development project. The management team at your organization can use this worksheet to evaluate a number of factors in determining if a new product development project should be undertaken and identify the important issues in making that decision. The worksheet is written for analyzing a specific product idea - with respect to the market, the company's capability, potential market risks, return to the company, etc. With some deletion of items and minor modifications, the worksheet can be used for a benefits analysis for projects other than product development projects.
  • System Hazard Analysis Method
    Medical products are required to perform risk management in compliance with ISO 14971:2007, the basis for this document outline.
  • User Impact Assessment (IT)
    This template guides the team through an assessment of the user impacts of technology changes, to enable better planning and communication and a smoother deployment experience for everyone.
  • Change Management Planning Worksheet
    Any successful project will change something, by definition. For project managers, that means that change management skills are as important as project management skills. This worksheet helps you plan a strategy for successfully managing your users through the change process.
  • Late Cost Per Week Worksheet
    This simple worksheet will help your team calculate and communicate the financial impact to the organization if your project slips by a week… or two weeks… or more.

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