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Every team member should understand the business case for a project. This business case will affect the team's tradeoff decisions and design choices, as well as go/no-go decisions at critical points like project initiation and reviews. These templates can help you understand which numbers are at play in your project's benefits, and how they are offset and affected by project costs and business opportunities. Don't miss our collection of 天天365彩票软件官方下载 for an in-depth look at this important task.

  • New Product Business Plan
    A template for a Product/Project Business Plan that describes a new project for inclusion in the corporation portfolio of projects.
  • Opportunity Screening Worksheet
    This is an Opportunity Screening worksheet used to help determine if an idea is worth enough to the company to commission a product development project. The management team at your organization can use this worksheet to evaluate a number of factors in determining if a new product development project should be undertaken and identify the important issues in making that decision.
  • Planning and Scheduling: Task Identification and Work Breakdown
    This is the first of a series of six templates for project plan development.
  • Cost Benefits Analysis
    Is your project worth the cost? Have you included long-term costs and intangible benefits in your decisions about your project's value? This cost benefit analysis template walks you through consideration of all the angles, and a careful evaluation of the results.
  • Benefits Realization Plan
    Don't settle for a vague sense that the project was a good thing. A Benefits Realization Plan documents the expected benefits of the project, details how they will be measured, and captures those measurements for later assessment and use in lessons learned.
  • Project Budgets and Cost Tracking
    Spreadsheet formats for documenting the projected costs of a project and for high-level cost tracking. Two budget formats and three cost tracking formats are included, each on a separate sheet.
  • Late Cost Per Week Worksheet
    This simple worksheet will help your team calculate and communicate the financial impact to the organization if your project slips by a week… or two weeks… or more.

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