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There's more to project close-out than stamping "done" and turning out the lights. Completion criteria ensure you and the stakeholders all have a common definition of "done." Compiling lessons learned makes it more likely that future projects will avoid pitfalls and problems you dealt with — or at least that they'll be better prepared. And don't forget to celebrate your win! These templates and guidelines will help.

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    If you are transferring all or part of an existing project to a new team, or taking over from an existing project team, use these tips to ensure the transfer goes smoothly.
  • Guideline for a Simple Signoff Process
    The simple process outlined in this document confirms sponsor signoff on project phases or component projects in a program, by using efficient, focused meetings and folding into the existing lines of communication.
  • Agile Technique Brief – Retrospectives
    Retrospectives are a technique that teams can use to inspect their progress in a project to date and identify opportunities for improvement in their processes, team dynamics, and decision-making as well as areas for continued excellence.
  • Guidelines - Completion Criteria
    Completion criteria are explicit goals that must be attained to call an element of a project, or the entire project, "complete."
  • Customer Acceptance Checklist
    Checklist format for customer to use while walking through a review and test of a pre-release system, for example before going through with a purchase. Allows customer to record issues, indicate which must be resolved before acceptance, and ultimately sign off on accepting the new system.
  • Lessons Learned Survey
    A survey that can be sent to team members during or after a project, to solicit their feedback on how the project was conducted.
  • Lessons Learned Meeting Agenda
    A sample agenda for a lessons learned meeting, to capture what did or didn't go well on a project, how to replicate success, and what to do differently in the future.
  • Lessons Learned Meeting Report
    Process for holding a meeting aimed at capturing project wins, challenges, and resulting "lessons learned" and producing a report at the end. A great way to promote continuous improvement across all your projects.
  • Project Cancellation Guidelines
    A comprehensive guideline for determining whether a project should be cancelled and?once such a decision is made?for smoothly ramping down and closing out a cancelled project, taking into account possibly wide-ranging implications for your company and customers.
  • Project Closeout Meeting Agenda
    This template provides an agenda for a Close Out Workshop, an occasion where the Program Team and others can document what worked, areas for improvement, lessons learned, and next steps, if any. Instructions are included.
  • End of Approval Phase Checklist
    A checklist of activities and deliverables that should be completed by the end of the Approval Phase.

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