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Building a productive project team is one of the most challenging tasks most leaders will face. You're taking a group of coworkers and encouraging them to become colleagues working toward a common goal, even though they may or may not have anything in common (or even work in the same department). It gets even more exciting when your team members have different understandings of the project, its value, or the role in completing it. These templates and guidelines will help you get the right team members and ensure everyone understands how their roles and responsibilities overlap, while building camaraderie and trust.

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Roles and Responsibilities

Teambuilding and Recognition
  • Fast, Effective Ramp Up of New Team Members
    You can't afford to have new team members milling around unproductively trying to figure out their project role and responsibilities. Throw them a rope?and get them productive faster?with this detailed guideline by Steve Trautman, excerpted from his book Teach What You Know: A Practical Guide to Knowledge Transfer Using Peer Mentoring.
  • "Sweet" Team Building Suggestion
    A "sweet" team building case study in cookbook format. This guideline provides a how-to approach using candy and Management By Walking Around (MBWA) for team building.
  • Project Team Rewards and Recognition Guideline
    Project work is serious, but it shouldn't be drudgery. Remember to include team rewards, recognition, celebration, and general hoopla in your project planning. This guideline provides ideas, suggestions, and a detailed example from one team's reward-planning activities.
  • A User's Guide to Working with Me
    This quick chart helps team members communicate their most effective modes of work, including hot buttons, trust-builders, the best ways to raise and resolve conflicts, and more.
  • Team Member Introductions
    The process outlined in this guideline will accelerate your team's "getting to know you" process so they will become more productive with less time trying to figure each other out.
  • Aligning and Adapting to Partner Perspectives
    This guideline helps project managers and program managers on complex projects facilitate productive discussions about the assumptions and perceptions different organizations have about each other.
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