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The best leaders are the ones who inspire team members to want to fulfill a vision, rather than making them feel they have to. These templates and guidelines explain some of the key roles and responsibilities of a project leader. For a more comprehensive list of resources - including stories, how-to webinars, and problem solvers - see our Leadership Know-How page. You may also want to check out our template lists for team-building and career development.

  • Leadership and the Project Lifecycle
    A table showing the evolution of leadership responsibilities during the different phases of a project.
  • Role Comparison Checklist: Executive Sponsor and Project Owner
    These checklists compare the roles of the Project Manager and the Executive Sponsor in a variety of critical areas such as goals definition, planning, communication, scope changes, stakeholder management, and more.
  • Project Manager/Team Leader Description - Roles & Responsibilities
    A list of the responsibilities of a project manager or team leader.
  • Project Sponsor Roles and Responsibilities
    A list of characteristics and responsibilities of the Project Sponsor. The Project Sponsor champions executive approval for the project.
  • Guidelines - Personality Types Impact on Team Interactions
    A guideline explaining how an understanding of the "personality types" of your team members can be useful for avoiding conflict and promoting effective collaboration among your team members, who may differ in the way they perceive and organize information, communicate, and make decisions.
  • Speaking Up – How to Make Your Case
    Speaking up is a key leadership skill, whether or not you're officially the team leader. This guideline can help you make your case more effectively when you see ways your team could improve the project or work together better.
  • 5-Step Tactical Influence Plan
    Tons of project responsibility but no direct authority? It's nothing new - but it sure can get old. Instead of feeling frustrated and stuck, take charge in a different way - by using a simple 5-step process to think through how to influence one or more people in each challenging situation.

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