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  • Introduction to Project Portfolio Management
    A presentation template to help you make the case for portfolio management in your organization and explain what it really involves.
  • Portfolio Manager Job Description
    Description of responsibilities typically assigned to a Project Portfolio Manager.
  • Scored and Ranked Project List for Portfolio Management
    A format for creating a scored and ranked project list to aid in the process of project prioritization for portfolio management and resource allocation.
  • Setting Strategic Project Selection Criteria
    Typical strategic categories of project selection criteria, and a guideline for using these categories to screen candidate projects for your organization's portfolio. Designed for use with our companion Strategic Project Prioritization Worksheet.
  • Strategic Project Prioritization Worksheet
    An Excel template for analyzing and ranking project candidates under consideration for inclusion in a project portfolio. Rankings are based on the degree to which each project contributes to the organization?s overall goals and related strategies.
  • Portfolio Data Collection Letter
    Letter for soliciting input for a comprehensive list of the work currently underway or proposed in our organization. Helps a company establish a project portfolio management process or perform a "physical inventory" on a current portfolio. Contains a detailed list of project and non-project work.
  • Department- and Project-Level WBS Example
    Work Breakdown Structures examples, created for a multi-project IEEE 802.11 department project portfolio.
  • Project and Pipeline Status Report - 3 page format
    Comprehensive but concise and easily-scanned status report for reporting to management. Includes project summary status, detailed status, and an overall pipeline status dashboard.
  • Simple Portfolio Status Report
    A useful and effective approach for reporting multi-project, high-level status regularly to executives.
  • Opportunity Screening Worksheet
    This is an Opportunity Screening worksheet used to help determine if an idea is worth enough to the company to commission a product development project. The management team at your organization can use this worksheet to evaluate a number of factors in determining if a new product development project should be undertaken and identify the important issues in making that decision.

Managing Multiple Projects

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