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PMBOK Knowledge Areas

  • Develop Project Charter
  • Develop Project Management Plan
  • Direct and Manage Project Work
  • Monitor and Control Project Work
  • Perform Integrated Change Control
  • Close Project or Phase
Purpose: Resources for coordinating all the work across a project to ensure the right choices and tradeoffs are made, customer needs are met, and the project is ultimately successful.

Develop Project Charter
Project Charter
Project Definition - Vision Document
Project Business Case
Opportunity Screening Worksheet
Project Vision Example: Defining a Software Release Life Cycle
New Project Proposal
Enterprise Project Management Office (PMO) Charter
PM Appointment Letter

Develop Project Management Plan
Software Project Plan
Creating a Manufacturing Plan for New Product
Planning and Managing Multiple Small Projects
Software Release Life Cycle - Phase 3: Planning and Negotiation
Collaborative Milestone-Driven Planning Process
Project Plan Example - Small Project
Micro-Project Plan Template and Example
Marketing Plan
Integration Plan
Training Plan - High Level
Projectized Holiday Gift Shopping
Discontinuance End-of-Life Planning
Development Project Plan
IT Project Plan Document
Project Training Plan
User Documentation Plan
Milestone Table with Driver Tasks
Software Release Life Cycle - Phase 4: Release Plan Refinement
Generic Project Plan Document
Plan Development: Create the Project Plan Document

Direct and Manage Project Work
Multi-Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda
Team Roles and Responsibilities List
Adapting Processes for Different Projects
Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda and Guidelines
Leadership and the Project Lifecycle

Monitor and Control Project Work
Getting the Right Value from a Project Management Tool
Small Project Tracking File
Action Item List Formats
Tracking with Visible Deliverables
Team Member Status Report

Perform Integrated Change Control
Requirements Change Management Guideline
Change Management Worksheet
Change Control Form

Close Project or Phase
End of Approval Phase Checklist
Project Closeout Meeting Agenda
Software Release Life Cycle Phase 10: Distribution
Lessons Learned Meeting Report
Checklist for Manufacturing Release Readiness
Guidelines - Completion Criteria
Customer Acceptance Checklist
Lessons Learned Meeting Agenda
Phase Signoff Process
Lessons Learned Survey
Project Cancellation Guidelines
Benefits Realization Plan
End of Initiation Phase Checklist
End of Execution Phase Checklist
End of Delivery Phase Checklist
End of Concept Phase Checklist

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