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PM Phases - Execution and Approval

Purpose: Create and assess the project's key deliverables. Perform cross-functional work and thoroughly review all deliverables as they are developed. Monitor project progress; deal with issues; and communicate to team, management, and stakeholders. Review and test deliverables and get customer feedback and approval.

Design and Create the Project Deliverables
Ongoing Planning
Software Release Life Cycle Overview
Introduction to Software Release Trains
Software Bug Fix WBS
Maintenance Planning Guidelines and Plan Outline
Discontinuance End-of-Life Planning
Marketing Plan
Localization Guidelines
User Impact Assessment (IT)
Change Management Planning Worksheet

Specifications and Designs
Interface Protocol Document

Review, Test, Assess the Project and Its Major Deliverables
Review Meeting Planning Worksheet
Review Checklists: Detailed Design Review
Review Checklists: Critical Design Review
Review Checklists: Final Design Review
Coding Review Guidelines
Project Progress Checklists for Sponsors and Managers

Testing with variations for different project types
Project Overview Test Plan
Project Test Plan
Beta Test Plan
User Acceptance Test Plan
Master Test List
Software Unit Test Plan and Report Guidelines
Integration (test) Plan
System Test Plan
Software Integration Checklist
Software Test Transfer Forms

Track Progress of schedule and deliverables
Milestone Table with Driver Tasks
Action Item List formats
Tracking with Visible Deliverables
Tracking Example - Small Project
Executive Summary of Project Status/Risks

Manage and Control the Work and Changes
Configuration Management Plan
Requirements Change Management Guideline
Issue Resolution Status Report
Change Control Form
Guideline for a Simple Change Control Process
Impact Analysis
Project Handoff Checklist

Communicate Progress and Issues
Agile Technique Guideline: Standup Meetings
Agile Technique Guideline: Information Radiators
Project or Release One-Page Summary
Project Status Reports
Executive Summary of Project Status/Risks
Project and Pipeline Status Report - 3 page format
Issue Resolution Status Report
Project Escalation Process Guidelines
Team Meeting Agenda
Additional Communication templates

Approve project deliverables readiness
Guideline for a Simple Signoff Process
End of Approval Phase Checklist
End of Execution Phase Checklist
Customer Acceptance Checklist and Signoff
Guidelines - Completion Criteria
Release Decision Process Guidelines
Project Cancellation Guidelines
Phase Signoff Process

Variations for specific projects
Checklist for Manufacturing Release Readiness
Software Quality Release Criteria

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