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PM Phases - Delivery and Closeout

Purpose: Transfer the deliverables to customers and finish the project. Ensure the deliverables are ready to be deployed and the company is ready to support the customers. Then close out the project well by capturing lessons learned, celebrating success, handing off and archiving project materials, and releasing team members for other projects.

Release the project deliverables
Guidelines - Completion Criteria
Project Deliverables Release Form

Deploy to customers
Customer Acceptance Checklist

Capture lessons learned by team
Lessons Learned Survey
Lessons Learned Meeting Agenda
Lessons Learned Meeting Report

Close out the project
Guideline for a Simple Signoff Process
Project Closeout Meeting Agenda
Maintenance Planning Guidelines and Plan Outline
End of Delivery Phase Checklist

Celebrate and Reward team members
Project Team Rewards and Recognition Guideline
Project Manager & Team Member Performance Appraisals

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