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If you've been doing this for a while, the goal of this FastTrack is to point you right to areas, topics, and resources we think would be of special interest to you as a more experienced manager. We are all on the front lines ourselves, and know what it's like to deal with more risky and complex projects; with demanding (sometimes unreasonable) stakeholders and customers day after day; and with managing multiple, simultaneous, sometimes competing projects.

  • Our goal is to provide all our members with resources that will help them succeed on their projects and programs and grow their careers.
  • Then for experienced managers, we also pay special attention to posting resources to help you influence the organization and improve it over time. It's what you know from experience about managing in the real world that can help your organization get better and better at projects — if you can just get them to listen and take action.
  • And finally, career-wise, we also realize that you may be looking to move into roles that get you more involved at the organizational level — such as in Project Management Offices or Centers of Excellence.

This FastTrack points you to key areas of the site and some favorite highlights within them. (And we will update regularly to add content and highlight new areas, so check back often!)

As always, if we can help you find anything specific, just email us at or email me directly at 天天365彩票软件官方下载.

Influencing and Improving the Organization

Business-Savvy PMing. This is a big theme for us. It's a differentiator to executives; and most of the time it's the only way to cut through the competing demands being made on us and our projects. What matters MOST to the business?

Influencing and Managing without Authority. We don't generally have authority but it's still up to us to get it all done, through a lot of other people. One of THE distinguishing traits of a highly-effective and highly valued manager is their ability to manage without authority, with their influence being a key enabler.

Selling your boss. You know that an effective project management process can help your organization achieve its business goals. So how do you convince the different levels of executive management' In the slide presentation "When Management Isn't Buying: Six Internal Selling Tools That Work", Bill Kern shows how to effectively champion the adoption of PM process by tailoring solutions and value propositions to each level and each individual in your management audience.

Managing Change. The larger and more critical the project, the more likely it is to have big impacts on the organization — whether from implementing entirely new products, to causing big internal operational changes. And overall, to get better and better at all their business-critical projects, any organization needs to make changes over time. Both types of change management are critical for experienced project managers' work, and a great place to shine as well.

Overcoming organizational obstacles to project management. Are you in an uphill battle implementing project management in an organization that is resisting change? Rest assured that you are not alone. Project management is often implemented in an ad hoc way, in an uneasy marriage with deeply entrenched corporate command and control structures. We've got tips and advice on how to overcome obstacles and help your organization improve its project performance Implementing Project Management.

Managing your knowledge assets. Tap into the wealth of knowledge that your team members already possess. Turn the isolated "island of expertise" in your organization into powerful communities of practice. Create a learning organization by capturing lessons learned and incorporating that experience into your next project plan. We have resources that can help you in our Knowledge Management Know-How subject.

See also the Leadership entry under "Growing Your Career" below.

Growing Your Career

Index page to Career Resources. This page compiles a number of interesting career-related articles, and templates.

PM Career Options. This presentation covers a wealth of PM career options and how to be ready.

Leaders -- born or made and why does leadership matter to your overall career? Leadership skills are a crucial element of good project management, especially for champions of change and improvement in your organization. But don't you have to be born a good leader? Can leadership really be taught and learned? We believe that it can, through self-awareness, mentoring, and "on-the-job" leadership experience. We've gathered Leadership know-how resources to help you on your journey to become a more effective leader. And here are three articles that convey different perspectives on project-related leadership from an executive perspective.

Managing Multiple Projects including Portfolio Management Activities and Roles. If you are interested in moving into a higher-level role related to Project Portfolio Management, take a look at our resources for Managing Multiple Projects. Be sure to check out all 3 tabs on this page. See also all our portfolio management blog posts. And finally, the Portfolio section at the bottom of this page includes several presentations on PPM.

Project Management Office (PMO) Activities and Roles. If you're in, moving to, or potentially interested in a role in a PMO – whether leading one, acting as a project manager coach, or helping define practical processes for your organization – check out our full FastTrack specifically for PMO Heads. It contains resources for different stages of PMO development and responsibilities and covers everything from identifying training needs to how to coach PMs through projects to how to get new processes accepted… and lots more. See also all our PMO-related blog posts.

Success on Projects and Programs

Risk Management. No matter how long we do this, Risk is always going to be a Serious Subject. And the more experienced we get, the more likely we are to be the ones who are handed the hairiest, scariest, riskiest projects. Check out:

Stakeholder and Sponsor Management. As with risk, our experience may be rewarded with not just more complex and risky projects, but also more complex stakeholder situations. Here are our blog posts on the subject, a template for Stakeholder Analysis and Communication Planning, and two resources for working with sponsors: Sponsor Roles and Responsibilities, and a Sponsor-vs.-Project Manager Roles comparison.

The challenges of scattered teams and outsourced development. Are you wrestling with geographically scattered teams? Are you contemplating outsourcing part of your project to a third party? Are you considering "going virtual" with a currently co-located team? Virtual teams can both leverage your organization's capabilities and also create new and difficult management problems. Browse our resources on Virtual/Distant teams to get advice, tools, and help from project managers who have managed virtual teams.

Agile Development. If you're moving into Agile approaches to projects, or already there but always interested in techniques and insights, here is our Agile page and our Agile blog posts.

Check back! We're currently indexing more of our content for this FastTrack. (If you're not already signed up for our newsletter, do so to get notified as we add content!)

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