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Another project, another project status report. Once again, you find yourself designing something from the ground up, not sure exactly how to get everything into a format that everyone can understand and short enough that everyone will read. Does anyone ever manage to fit these things on just a page without spending an hour explaining it?

Absolutely. You shouldn't have to start from scratch on key project tools like status reports when many before you have already sweated over them. But in the status realm, no one size fits all, either. This bundle provides more than 20 variations on status report formats for different situations, many with sample data so you can see the level of detail other teams and managers use. Save time and save face with real world examples that will make your status manageable, understandable, and presentable for all those who need to know.

  • Project Status Reports
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      Focuses on changes and trends, not just dates and numbers, to provide a one-page, at-a-glance summary of what executives really care about -- how the project is doing and what help is needed.
    • Project or Software Release One-Page Summary
      Provides a handy way to quickly communicate the purpose and contents of a release, along with key team and schedule information, to a variety of stakeholders. Post it on the cubicle wall, and everyone will know what you're working on and why.
    • Project Status Reports
      Give the team and sponsor a true picture of a project or portfolio in just a page with one of these example formats. This file also includes a presentation format to help keep things concise when talking to management.
    • Team Member Status Report
      Collecting regular team member status reports provides a window into the true state of the project work. This file includes guidelines, sample template, and two examples, all focused on what's needed, rather than a detailed analysis of the team member's every task and movement.
    • Action Item List Formats
      Keep track of action items and their status with one of these list formats. For some teams or projects, this may be all the status reporting you need.
    • Issue Resolution Status Report
      Report your progress on resolving open project or technical issues, so management won't be left wondering what, if anything, is really going on.

  • Portfolio Status Reports (Status Reports for Multiple Projects)

You get over 20 project-tested, real-world status report formats without the commitment of a subscription. You'll be better equipped to identify problems when or before they start, know when and what help is needed, and keep everyone up to date.

Get It For Everyone!

Do you work with other teams that need help with status reports and summaries? Better yet, do you want your whole organization to benefit? Check out our Project Status Reports Multi-User License bundle!

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