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Project Planning and Tracking
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We've done this long enough to know that there are certain tools that can benefit every project—and every project manager. Scheduling and budgeting realistically, communicating well, and keeping track of it all can be challenging, even on "simple" projects. Why reinvent the wheel? Our templates and guidelines can help you stay on top of everything without reinventing the wheel. This instant-download bundle includes ten of our most popular tools -- a fast path to fundamental techniques that will make any project more manageable.

  • Scheduling
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      A detailed guideline for faster, better project scheduling. Several examples are included.
    • Scheduling Checklist
      Test your schedule in detail, to make sure you've caught everything before you start work -- especially all those little things like "testing" and "manufacturing setup."
    • Estimating Methods and Processes
      Are your developers doubling all their estimates? This guideline describes eight different estimation methods, all of which are better than relying on "management math."

  • Tracking

  • Communication

  • Status Reports
    • Project Status Report Formats
      Quit agonizing over your status report formats. Quit making your boss agonize over them, too. Five simple formats for letting the higher-ups know what the lower-downs are working on. One of our most popular downloads.
    • Simple Portfolio Status Report
      An Excel-based approach to reporting high-level status across multiple projects. It's short and simple -- two things executives really love in a status report.
    • Issue Resolution Status Report
      Silence can be taken for inactivity. Make sure execs know you really are working on it, and how you intend to fix it.

  • Bonus: Budgeting
    • Budget and Cost Tracking Formats
      Yes, it is possible to do a meaningful budget on a single page, and this file shows you how. But if you really, really like numbers (or your boss does) there are formats here for you, too.
Long-Term Results without the Long-Term Commitment

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