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Does the word "meeting" send your team running for cover? Are agenda requests met with blank stares or nearly blank paper? Do you spend more time rounding up attendees than getting something done?

The sheer volume of meeting mocking that percolates through the business world may convince you that this is just the way things are for everyone. But there are some teams that meet only when needed, teams that get things done quickly and adjourn on time, teams that see meetings as part of their work, not a distraction from it. You just need the right tools, the right management, and the right amount of effort.

The effort comes from you, but this bundle can help with the tools. Formatting examples speed up your meeting planning and make it less painful. Simple guidelines and checklists walk you through the evaluation process so you'll know what to focus on first. Special guidelines address unique meeting types, and a veritable plethora of agenda examples provide a starting point for one of your most important meeting habits.

  • Meeting Planning, Management, and Follow-Up
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      Yes, you really do need some meetings, and this team set out to prove it. Here's how they portrayed the practicality and value of their critical meetings, and how you can too.
    • Effective Meetings Checklist
      Not sure where to start? This comprehensive checklist will help you plan and run truly effective meetings.
    • Meeting Minutes Formats
      If you're going to create meeting minutes, make sure they're sharp, concise, and readable.
    • Action Item List Formats
      Example formats for keeping track of action items that need to be accomplished during a project. For some teams, this may be the only form of meeting minutes required.
    • Meeting Evaluation Guidelines
      Evaluate current meeting effectiveness and suggest goals for improvement using this simple process. Two formats accommodate formal or informal meeting environments.

  • Special Meeting Issues
    • Review Meeting Planning Worksheet
      Active planning and groundwork for your review meetings vastly improves the odds it will accomplish what's required. Here's how to do it.
    • Brainstorming Meeting Techniques
      You'll have better brainstorming sessions if you follow these detailed guidelines for starting off effectively and avoiding pitfalls. Suggestions for several different types of brainstorming are covered.
    • Preventing & Solving Meeting Disruptions
      Suggestions for tactfully handling those "impossible" people who continually disrupt, derail, and detract from meetings.

  • Agendas for Different Types of Meetings

The Meeting Management Bundle is a fast path to fundamental techniques and real world tools that will make sure your meetings are effective, attended (!), and even heralded far and wide as the most effective team collaboration time in town.

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